WNF was Awarded “Excellent Quality Award”

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WNF was Awarded “Excellent Quality Award”

Wuxi NOK-Freudenberg Oil Seal., Ltd. ( hereafter referred to as WNF) was awarded “ excellent quality award” from FAW-Toyota on Mar. 24th 2016 at Renaissance Tianjin Hotel. Mr. Suzuki, the GM of NOK-FREUDENBERG CHINA’s ( hereafter referred to as NFC) sales network, received the award on behalf of WNF.

FAW-Toyota is a group company jointly invested by FAW China and Toyota Japan. Under this group, there are 6 business groups including 3 OEMs, 2 engine makers, and 1 technical center. Every year, FAW-Toyota grants awards to its outstanding suppliers in a drive to honor their good performance in cost improvement and quality superiority. The awards are categorized into several ones as honored by each of its business groups. Amongst these awards, the highest award is jointly honored by its 6 group companies, named as excellent supplier either in terms of cost improvement or quality superiority which was awarded to WNF this time.

It is the 3rd consecutive time for WNF to be honored as standing out of 506 candidates. And WNF is the only awarded company who comes from rubber industry. Totally 11 suppliers got “ excellent quality award”.

WNF supplies a diversified product portfolio to FAW-Toyota including oil seals and other important sealing products which are widely applied in engines, transmissions, steering systems, vibration controlling systems and air conditioning systems. From sales perspective, attributing to WNF’s ongoing efforts, NFC kept a good business relationship with this customer in previous years and achieved a lot in 2015. The award is also a highest acknowledgement to WNF’s excellent work in quality assurance.

NFC looks forward to providing more value-added products and solutions to its customers in the future.

Mr. Masao Suzuki (2nd right), the GM of NFC's sales network, recieved the award with honor.