They are ABLE to Work-- CNF Recruited Physically-disabled Person

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They are ABLE to Work-- CNF Recruited Physically-disabled Person

“People First” is always CNF management principle, under the support and promotion by Mr. Karagics, GM of CNF, and management level employees, this kind of principle go through into each process of company development. In 2015, CNF started to carry out the social CSR project---to recruit the Handicapped persons.

Every human being’s life is born to be equal and fair, while destiny is always different. When some people suffer from unexpected setbacks, it’s better to provide opportunities to help them restart their lives on their own rather than making donation by helping them acquire their own survival skills, encouraging them to integrate into the society successfully, as well as encourage them to be more confident and optimistic. Above all is our CNF original intention.

On March 2015, under GM of CNF’s support and promotion, we made the plan for recruiting the handicapped persons in our company. After publishing the recruitment information, many handicapped people actively and positively responded to it. Among many physically-handicapped applicants, a 19-years old boy was enrolled and joined CNF on April 8th. Although his hands were disabled, he tried his best to complete his own job with a highly diligent attitude. His great performance is a testimonial to his working capability despite of his disabled physique.

At the same time, we also contacted the responsible person who is from Changchun university Special Educational Institute. He told us that there are many handicapped deaf-mute graduates who want to look for jobs. After they got our company’s recruitment information, the institute responsible person highly evaluated our company about the policy which could help handicapped people find jobs and bring benefit to society. On April 20th, the responsible person and students from Changchun University Special Educational Institute made a delegation team to visit CNF plant. Mr. Karagics, the GM of CNF, Mr. Gong, the VGM of CNF received them and held a hospitality meeting in CNF. GM made the general instruction of CNF and also mentioned that CNF is a company who always adheres to this kind of principle, “people- first, equality and friendly working environment”. On the hospitality meeting, we also answered many questions from the handicapped students’ side. After the meeting, Mrs. Wang, the Production Dept. Manager, accompanied with them and did the production area visit, during this time, Mrs. Wang also gave them the detailed introduction of each working station.

On May 25th 2015, 7 deaf-mute students joined CNF officially and started with one month period internship works. Considering the special body conditions, we made the detailed training plan which includes safety environment, HR system, quality control basis and even the actual operation on production site. We got the great cooperation and support from related depts. The training method is based on reading and watching the video. Especially for the safety training process, we invited the gesture language volunteer from the same university to help us transfer the accurate and important safety information to the handicapped students, in order to make sure that they can have a better understanding of the whole training. This kind of organization can also reflect our operation principle, that is to be responsible for each employee, not only limited to the normal one, but also including the special handicapped persons, and in this case we want to grant more concern and kindness to them.

In order to communicate with handicapped students timely and accurately, we also initiated the Wechat program on the social network. The wechat group members not only include the HR dept. employees but also involve the section leaders of production site. In this way, it’s convenient for us to publish company policies and valuable information and solve their problems timely. Currently, the handicapped students have already been wearing the working uniforms and working together with us. Can you see any differences between you and the handicapped persons when they walk around your side and give you a sweet smile?

Through love & warmhearted interaction, CNF will take this kind of CSR project as an ongoing campaign; we believe that CNF would have a magnificent and splendid future under this kind of supreme management principle!

GM, VGM held a hospitality meeting with Changchun University Special Educational Institute teacher and students

Mrs. Wang, the Production Dept. Manager, accompanied with students and did the production area visit

Safety training  lessons for new employees

It’s the first time to wear the working uniforms, the handicapped students were very happy.

For the Changchun university Special Educational Institute students , the work status on production site