Quality Makes Us Outstanding

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Corporate Event
Quality Makes Us Outstanding

Tianjin, China

Mar 23 2017

Under the surface of any technical success of automotive industry, it is the quality that contributes to it. Ongoing persistence on quality for any parts or components of automotive industry creates excellence. And it is NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) (NFC) that realizes it. For consecutive 4 years, Wuxi NOK-Freudenberg Oil Seal Co.,Ltd.  (WNF, one of the 3 plants belonging to NFC) has been awarded “Excellent Quality Award” from FAW-Toyota Group. On Mar. 23rd, Mr. Hinomoto, the deputy division manager of corporate sales&marketing division of NOK Corporation, came all the way to China and accepted the award at Tianjin Shangri-La Hotel on behalf of WNF.

As a joint venture between FAW and Toyota, FAW-Toyota Group have 6 companies under it. In Mar of every year, it holds annual supplier conference in honor of those companies who achieve great performance in terms of cost and quality in the previous year. The awards are granted in name of either single business entity or the group as a whole. This time, WNF was honorable to receive the top award of “Excellent Quality Award”, which was presented under the whole group name of FAW-Toyota.  Amongst 488 candidates, WNF is the only company who was given this award. And it is really worthwhile to mention that it is the 4th time for WNF to be awarded with this prize.

Since the establishment of WNF, it has been keeping good business relationship with FAW-Toyota group. Its broad range of products is widely used in nearly all the applications of it or its tier 1 suppliers. Through long time cooperation, the products quality of WNF not only has won positive feedback from FAW-Toyota’s suppliers but also from FAW-Toyota itself.

No pains, no gains. It is NFC’s ongoing commitment on quality optimization that yields consecutive honor. Via the support from NOK Corporation and WNF’s constant improvement in the near future, NFC is confident of deepening cooperation with FAW-Toyota in more projects and anticipating a brighter prospect of cooperating with more and more global and non-global local customers.

Mr.Hinomoto ( right 3rd), the deputy division manager of corporate sales&marketing division of NOK Corporation, recieved the award.