NOK-Freudenberg Group Sales (China) Co., Ltd. Awarded “Quality Contribution Award”

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Corporate Event
NOK-Freudenberg Group Sales (China) Co., Ltd. Awarded “Quality Contribution Award”

On Nov. 24th 2015, NOK-Freudenberg Group Sales (China) Co., Ltd. ( Referred to as: NFGS) got the award of “ Quality Contribution Award” as endowed by China Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. ( Referred to as: JAC) in Fengle International Hotel Hefei. Mr. Derek Wong, the business unit manager of local sales account, received the award on behalf of NFGS. It is the 2nd time for NFGS to get this award since 2012. The reason of setting up this award by JAC is aimed to honor the suppliers with excellent achievements in 2015 and encourage them to keep performing well in 2016. Out of over 1000 suppliers, totally 46 suppliers got the award.

NFGS established business cooperation with JAC on certain engine project in 2008. This project supplied to several main vehicle types of JAC. Since these years, NFGS has been supplying to other important engine and transmission projects, too.

In terms of product, quality and marketing performance, NFGS’s products are of good performance in JAC’s projects. In 2015, the supplied vehicles were sold very well. Even in the situation of sharp increase of relevant engine production quantity, NFGS’s products were superior in terms of quality. Such ongoing quality assurance won the good acclaim from the customer.

NFGS has positive prospects with JAC for business cooperation in the future. In order to meet with stricter state pollution standard, NFGS makes use of low friction technology to solve the problems and thus the energy of existing projects can be saved.