NOK-Freudenberg Group Sales (China) Co., Ltd. Awarded “Outstanding Cooperation Supplier Award”

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Corporate Event
NOK-Freudenberg Group Sales (China) Co., Ltd. Awarded “Outstanding Cooperation Supplier Award”

NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) ( Referred to as: NFC) got “Outstanding Cooperation Supplier Award” from SAIC Marelli powertrain Co. Ltd ( SMMP) on Dec. 8th 2015 in Suzhou. This award was bestowed by purchasing dep. of SMMP and jointly evaluated by its purchasing dep., technical dep., quality dep. and logistics dep.

SMMP is a joint venture between Magneti Marelli of Italy and Shanghai Automobile Gear Works. It was registered in Apr of 2009 in Jiading district whose main products are electrically controlled hydraulic parts, the key components in AMT. In 2015, NFC performed very well in terms of sales turnover in some important projects and by estimation the sales turnover will increase in next 2 or 3 years. SMMP expressed their wish of close cooperation with NFC for following projects.

As their supplier, NFC’s being awarded should attribute to WNF and CNF’s corresponding products. Meanwhile, the award should also be owing to technical sales dep’s support in all-encompassing facets such as production, supply chain and technical advice. This award stands for NFGS’s outstanding service and product quality which testifies NFGS’s advantage and competiveness in the near future for new projects.

“The business between NFC and Magneti Marelli/SMMP in China keeps on ongoing increase. As a strategic supplier of Magneti Marelli China, NFC will continuously supply to Magneti Marelli with its outstanding service and ever enhanced project management know-how. So that the value selling of NOK-Freudenberg can be strengthened in China,” as commented by Stanley Yu, the business unit manager in NFC.