NFC Participated in Railway Transportation Tech Day

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NFC Participated in Railway Transportation Tech Day

On Jun. 8th and Jun. 9th 2015, NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) ( NFC) participated in a tech day of railway transportation in Shanghai. Four Freudenberg business groups jointly participated in this tech day including Klueber Lubrication, NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA), Schwab Vibration Control, as well as Freudenberg & Vilene Filter. This tech day was initiated by these 4 companies and was greatly supported by China Railway Society. Totally 22 approx. customers attended this event under the invitation of China Railway Society, who are mainly from CSR and CNR (they are now merged and known as CRRC since 8th June), the globally biggest railway transportation OEMs. Amongst these distinguished customers, one scholar from Tongji University and the chief representative from Deutsche Bahn came all the way to attend this tech day and shared their insights on railway transportation industry.

The first day of the tech day was organized in Klueber’s training center. Four business groups delivered to the participants their technical presentations respectively on sealing technology ( NFC), lubrication technology (Klueber), vibration controlling technology( Schwab) as well as filtration technology ( FVC). All these technologies are applied in rail locomotives. On site, an mini exhibition was organized to display typical products/demo machines of each business group as well. Furthermore, a visit of R&D laboratory of Klueber was organized to present its state-of-the-art research capacity. On the 2nd day, all the customers were invited to Freudenberg house. Ms. Bettina Schoen, General Manager of Freudenberg Regional Corporate Center, delivered welcome speech and Freudenberg Group Introduction as the opening of the second day. One expert from VDMA were invited to participate the event on this 2nd day and made the speech on the topic of “ industry 4.0” which is very trendy and popular in today’s business world. All participants gained further understanding and insight on “Industry 4.0” from the presentation of the expert and this topic inspired everyone to discuss warmly on the site.

The railway business in China has been keeping on development momentum thanks to the encouragement from government in these years. With the merge of CNR and CSR, as led by them, the railway OEMs are looking for more sophisticated technical solutions to help expand the business. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the relevant business groups of Freudenberg who have existing or potential products and solutions supplied to railway segment initiated this tech day to develop the business.

The tech day was a big success. Not only are the customers deeply impressed by Freudenberg’s meticulous organization, professional technical know-how and testing capability, but also Freudenberg’s corporate culture and operation philosophy left the deep impression to the customers, too. The form of the tech day was so creative that it is the 1st time for Freudenberg tech day to not only involve customers, but also involve the 3rd parties such as industrial associations. Such form serves as a platform to exchange for technical and business know-how and build up long term business relationship. “It is a good platform to establish contacts with main Chinese railway makers and get to know the concrete demands from them. From either technical or commercial point of view, the tech day provided a chance to know well about the railway market”, Mr. Edmond Lam, the business unit manager of general industry, highly acknowledged the effect of this tech day.