Geely Tech Day in Ningbo

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Trade Show
Geely Tech Day in Ningbo

On July 11th 2014, NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) (NFC) held a tech day with Geely Royal Engine Components Co.,Ltd in Cixi, Ningbo City. Geely Royal is an important step in the vehicle production layout for reasonable planning and adjustment of Geely automobile engine production. Mr. Sun Youquan, supplier development department senior purchasing manager, together with more than 30 Geely relevant engineers joined in it.

A comprehensive presentation of the working theory, design idea, failure process for the oil seals and O-rings were given and various kinds of rubber products were displayed, resulting in a great deal of interest of failure theory from Geely team. Particularly, during Q&A discussion at the end of the presentation, a detailed introduction of the oil seal failure process and countermeasures were described. Thus, Geely could improve the technical level and deal with the failure by themselves at first to enhance the working efficiency.

At the end of the tech day, Geely engineers highly appreciated the tech day and expected more tech days would be held to enhance the knowledge of relevant products for Geely. NFC also expressed the willing for further cooperation.

Mr. Wu Xingcai (Left First), Wuxi Design department director of NFC is explaining the products knowledge.