“10 Years of NFGC's Sales Channels, Accompanied by You” – the 10th Year Anniversary Ceremony & Annual Party

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“10 Years of NFGC's Sales Channels, Accompanied by You” – the 10th Year Anniversary Ceremony & Annual Party

On January 31st, 2015, for most of people, it was an ordinary day. For employees from NOK-Freudenberg Group China (NFGC), it was a joyful and memorial day. The 10-year anniversary ceremony and annual party of NOK-Freudenberg Group China sales channels was held in Shanghai. All the employees from all sales offices in China including Hong Kong gathered together and jointly celebrated this wonderful moment.

NFGC is jointly invested by NOK Corporation and FST who provides sealing products and services to automobile industry and general industry in developing Chinese market. With time passed by, over 10 years, NFGC has been growing tremendously and establishing milestones one after another. The sales and trading companies were set up in 2005 and later on, NFGC’s business expanded. Presently, NFGC owns 10 sales offices and 3 plants with workforce totaled to nearly 3000 employees. To meet with ever increasing customer needs, the production line of NFGC has been enriched over these years. In 2010, NSP’s O-ring factory was purchased by NFGC and in 2012 an assembly line for bonded piston seals was launched in WNF. Being close to customer and providing superior sealing products and services are always the principle as NFGC adheres to.

As the theme of the party, “10 years of NFGC's sales channels, accompanied by you” not only denotes the history of NFGC, but also demonstrates its gratitude to the hard work of the employees. Several employees made the speech at the party. Their experience of growth witnessed the growth of NFGC while the development and expansion of NFGC attribute to their dedication. NFGC and its employees deliver thankfulness to each other as always. The party was constant climax. NFGC’s colleagues from different locations and different departments contributed their self-prepared shows and dramas. And these dramas were so funny that everybody burst into laughter.

NFGC cherishes the past 10 years and expects a bright outlook for the future.

Mr. Suzuki (Middle), General Manager, expresses appreciation during the speech

Outstanding Employee Award 2014 winners on the stage

Outstanding Team Performance Award 2014 winner – Truck & Bus AI Dept. on the stage

The 10-year anniversary ceremony and annual party