Keep moving, together with NOK-FREUDENBEG (CHINA)

TNF | Section Manager of Process Technology  & Maintenance

In Oct of 2005, I was so honored to join Taicang NOK-Freudenberg Sealing Products Co., Ltd., when the factory just started construction. Although I had applied for the position of electrician, I was accepted as a vulcanization operator due to the needs of business start. I accepted this offer with pleasure because starting from the basic level can lay a solid foundation, as I thought. 

One year later, I was promoted to be the group manager of vulcanization group, which was a big encouragement and acknowledgement to my performance. Keeping working as a group manager, I also took responsibility of doing some jobs of maintenance. Moreover, I successfully passed the exam and got the certificate of high and low voltage operator in my extra work time. From my point of view, one should try to learn knowledge as much as more during young time. 

Due to company development, in 2007, I took on the position of technician of vulcanization, which offered me the chance of knowing about technology. I was so excited because I am eager for learning new knowledge and skills. 

Time flies so quickly. 3 years later, I was promoted to vice section manager of maintenance thanks to my knowledge accumulation and constant learning. And in Aug 2011, I officially became the section manager. Promoting to managerial position is an encouragement to me, pushing me to achieve more and do work more perfectly. 

In 2015, automotive business was officially launched in our plant. New technology and production lines were launched. Meanwhile, the supply of a robust workforce is also important. As a member of experienced employees and managers, it’s obligatory for me to do something. In Dec 2016, I concurrently took on the position of section manager of technology department which is a new milestone for me.

Keeping learning and moving forward, I will grow with NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA).