Growth, starts from NOK-FREUDENBERG

WNF | Design Director & Vice Director of Quality Control

Time elapses. It has been 14 years since I graduated from Dalian University of Technology and joined WNF. As young as I am, as the manager candidate for the business department, after short internal training, I embarked on 1-year overseas training program to NOK Corporation. Via this training program, I fully got to understand NOK’s corporate culture and nurtured a strong sense of belonging. 

After returning back to China, I joined production and technical department and started my career as an onsite translator and later on I took on the job of designing and developing semi-automatic equipment. Looking back on this period, it gave me a brand new insight of all the machines. 

With the development of company business, I transferred to TQM and undertook the role of trainer which built up my self-confidence. With the establishment of TCD department, I again changed my role and became dedicated to onsite improvement work. Taking chance of it, and in order to further enrich my knowledge and enhance my capability, I made an overseas training trip to NOK Corporation for the 2nd time. After I came back to China, I joined production department and got to be knowledgeable about production site. 

One year later, I transferred to quality department and was responsible of quality management. The miscellaneous daily work and pressures offered a good environment for personal growth. Last year, I left quality department where I had stayed for 8 years and transferred to design department, taking charge of technical related tasks, which provided impetus for sales expansion and local staffs’ capability enhancement. 

In retrospect of my career, there were setbacks while there were also encouraging moments. By working in 7 departments, I have tremendously developed in various aspects in terms of knowledge and working ability. 

It is NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) who helped me realize everything.