The path is ahead, as NOK-FREUDENBERG provided

NFGS | Business Unit Manager

It was like yesterday when I recall the moment when I joined Freudenberg Sealing Technologies as a sales trainee upon my graduation in Germany.  Now the then fresh young lady has grown into an independent and highly responsible manager. Looking back upon my 13 plus working years in Freudenberg group, I feel a lot. The deepest feeling goes that our company has an excellent corporate culture. It takes every colleague's personal development seriously and makes commitment to try to realize it. 

In May of 2004, I proudly became the member of the 1st batch of Freudenberg China Talents Summit campaign.  There were tailored training program and experienced mentors. So I started my training journey. I visited factories in different places and participated in attractive academic discussions which enabled me to further know about company's operation. The broad contents of the training had provided me with a good opportunity to give full play to my potentials, and meanwhile it also helped me transit from a new graduate to a new employee in the workplace. 

In Jun of 2005, I went to Shanghai after the training had finished. I joined NOK-Freudenberg Group Sales (China)Co., Ltd  and took responsibility of sales management for key account. As a member of joint venture company, I witnessed here the mixture of European, Japanese and Chinese cultures and experienced by myself the rapid increase of sales turnover.

In Nov of 2007, to meet with new challenges, I embarked on my journey again. I joined Klueber which is a company engaged in special chemical products belonging to Freudenberg group. I was responsible of business management for automobile business. Here, I got the chance to interact with huge numbers of 1st tier and 2nd tier auto parts' suppliers in addition to OEMs. Thus I got a deeper insight into business and had an overview map of the industry. Making use of the expertise as I accumulated in NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA), I led my team to achieve a yearly growth rate of 30% plus. 

The pace of change was always moving on.  To better balance work and family, in Jun 2011, I joined NOK-Freudenberg Group Sales (China) Co., Ltd again. The only difference was this time my work location is in Beijing rather than in Shanghai. It was a kind of returning home by real sense. As an office manager of Beijing sales office, thanks to the support from my boss and active cooperation from my colleagues, I completed the construction of Beijing office in 2012. I took charge of daily administration of the office and the expansion of automobile business in Beijing and surrounding areas. In the same time, as a key account manager for VW business, I achieved the growth of VW business through maintaining the current customers and developing new projects together with my team. 

In Sep of 2014, a new challenge fell on me again. I started to be responsible of sales development of European customers for the whole group. Frequent travelling, inter-departmental and cross-regional communication, the coach and training to my subordinates, leading the team to provide solutions to my customers, conducting business negotiations and getting business orders, are constituting an important part of my job. There are setbacks, twist and turns in between. There are also opportunities and challenges in between. I feel honored to witness my growth and my subordinates’ growth. I feel proud to witness the development of my business, too.

Thanks a lot to my company for providing me with cross cultural working environment and a career path full of challenges which enables me to give full play to my potential and realize my value. As a member of NOK-Freudenberg, I am looking forward to making further contribution to the business growth in such anamazing Chinese market.

Be happy with your work, and be motivated towards your career at NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA)!